Unique IT Services for Your Business

SLG Technology, LLC develops and delivers compelling, cost-effective managed professional services that improve the way today's businesses use technology to achieve strategic, operational, and financial goals. We give executives and IT staff the peace of mind they deserve and need.


SLG Technology, LLC ensures that whatever your technology need, we will be there to guarantee your success.  We leverage the power and value of managed technology so you can be more productive, reduce technology expenses, and gain a competitive edge


As a full-service IT consulting firm, SLG Technology, LLC offers the following services:


Monthly Maintenance Plans

Getting reliable results from a telecommunications system requires in-depth planning, installation and management. SLG Technology, LLC understands every aspect of telecommunications — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training and implementation. 


These monthly maintenance plans allow us to fully monitor you systems to catch small problems before they become big ones.  This allows us to catch issues like failing backups, or failing hard drives while they are still in the stages that we can easily recover data before it’s too late.  Please contact us so we can put together a maintenance package that best suites your business needs.


Free iPad with a maintenance package


A Standard Maintenance Routine:


MS Security Updates to all desktops, laptops, and servers

  •   Antivirus check to ensure latest updates are applied and no virus are present
  •   Malware scan to keep your pc's clean
  •   Tune-up to ensure pc's are running as fast as possible
  •   Hardware check to ensure any failures that can be prevented are
  •   After-hours reboot of servers with testing 
  •   Checklist of work done that is then given to the point of contact 
  •   Physical inspection of servers/desktops as well as dust clean outs

Backup Solutions

The quality, performance and security of your network can be vastly improved with our technology audits. SLG Technology, LLC will work to find the best backup solution for your business to ensure the data is on hand when needed most.  Offering a wide range of online backup solutions as well as traditional in-house tape backups.  SLG is partners with Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery to provide the highest level of data backups with the shortage period of downtime in the event of a failure.

Antivirus Management

Is your computer not working well because of a virus? Fear of getting a virus and losing all important data/files?  SLG Technology, LLC will work hard to ensure that you are free and clear of all possible attacks that refrains you from doing your job.  We also offer several options to protect your data from virus attacks.

Mobile Devices/iPads

The highly trained and experienced project managers at SLG Technology, LLC can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives.


Whether you are looking for access to email or network files on your server/desktop SLG Technology will work with you to ensure you have access to your data whenever wherever.


Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery Partner
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